Mike Strand, bar code industry pioneer, launches business consulting firm

Free introductory service offer through March 17, 2003

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. - Feb. 19, 2003 - Mike Strand, founder of StrandWare Inc., a leading bar code labeling and asset tracking software company that was acquired by Brady Corporation of Milwaukee in 2001, has established a business consulting firm called The new venture, located in Eau Claire, provides services to companies in the technology, manufacturing, services and distribution industries.

Strand's extensive experience in software development, project management, business management and sales through reseller channels will provide valuable insights to mid-market companies. It builds on Strand's 13 years as president and CEO of StrandWare where he built a customer base of over 150,000 through a distribution channel of thousands of resellers and systems integrators. In that time he also came to represent the bar code and auto ID industry by speaking at numerous trade shows, publishing articles and participating in industry forums.

Limited-time free service offer gives clients unprecedented opportunity
As evidence of Strand's ability to build markets, he is offering free services to a limited number of clients through March 17, 2003. Included in the service package will be a business overview, specific action recommendations and a roadmap for implementation. Strand will charge only for out-of-pocket expenses during this introductory offer period.

"I was fortunate enough to grow StrandWare into a well-respected, multi-million dollar software company with a worldwide reputation and international offices," said Strand. "Through the years we developed over 27 popular software titles for businesses. Now, I want to pass on the favor of those who helped me by sharing some of my experience with bright, motivated entrepreneurs who will benefit from my successful strategies and learn from some of my mistakes."

With a software development background at Cray Research and the oversight of countless development projects, Strand is able to share his knowledge on customer needs analysis, project management and software development. In addition, he developed one of the best reseller channel distribution networks in the industry through innovative marketing programs. Now he is offering excellent advice to help clients build reseller and distribution networks that achieve the fine balance between reseller management and compensation, and end-user support and satisfaction. On the business side, Strand will share his expertise in a wide range of areas, tailored to fit his clients' business needs, from financial and market planning to management issues, that face privately held businesses.

About is a business consultancy organized to help companies evaluate their market position and develop strategies to differentiate themselves from their competition through innovative products, outstanding customer service and efficient sales operations, including indirect channels. Leveraging Mike Strand's experience in building StrandWare Inc. into an international bar code and asset management software company, offers hands-on guidance. Located in Eau Claire, Wis., can be contacted at its namesake Web site, 715-833-2332 or

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